Spice Bazaar


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Spice Bazaar

Take advantage of the intimate outdoor courtyard seating and tuck into delectable barbecue specialities (get the mixed grill platter to share among several diners), or come for the popular Sunday brunch (10am-3pm), a family favourite. Stop by the on-site dessert shop for take-away goodies.


The province of Punjab is known for its especially abundant culinary offerings, and Lahore in particular is heralded as a hot spot for gastronomy. Some of the dishes you'll certainly encounter on restaurant menus include all manner of meat grills and kebabs, spicy chicken karahi and Lahori, along with a variety of further chicken dishes, and deep-fried goodies sold off street sides. To acquaint yourself with local dining culture, begin at the new Food Street nearby the Lahore Fort, eventually working your way down to Anarkali Bazaar.